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Story of Miracu


MIRACU is an international PDO Thread established in 2009. DongBang Medical is one of the largest medical grade needle and PDO threads
manufacturer in the world. Dongbong has over 30 years of experience developing skin suture needles. Dongbong is the parent company of MIRACU 
which is a global brand. MIRACU 's relentless pursuit to be the PDO thread thought leader in the industry. In fact, in MIRACU become the only PDO
thread with 2 US FDA Class || approvals.

The PDO suture, or threads, is a synthetic and biodegradable monofilament suture which was developed in the 1970s. Its surface has a coating smoother 
than that of catgut sutures. MIRACU PDO Threads are available in Mono Basic, Screw Basic, Barb Uni, Barb Bi, and Barb 3D, Barb 4D, Forte Basic, Elasty Line, and Elasty Mesh fill.  MIRACU PDO Threads are able to be utilized in numerous parts of the face and body. The various thread lengths and configurations give practitioners a wide range of treatment options. MIRACU PDO Thread treatments are well tolerated by patients and typically require little
to no down type. MIRACU, PDO Threads® remain in the body up to 240 days. Thereafter, the  PDO suture is then converted into water and carbon dioxide and is fully absorbed without any residue, through a process known as hydrolysis, during which time the synthesis of new collagen production in the treatment begins, allowing the skin to present fewer wrinkles, thus improving the skin's overall texture and youthfulness. The resulting effects of  MIRACU  PDO Threads are typically seen up to  24 months.

2009 Miracu is established

2015 established joint venture with Dongbong Medical  

2018 FDA 501 (K) Class || approval

Miracu PDO Threads are sold across the U.S and Korea

60,000 threads sold since inception

with a growing rate of 10,000 threads
sold each year. 

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