The MIRACU My “MIRACLE Lift”™ is a minimally invasive technique with only a short recovery time that can shave years off your age without having to undergo major surgery or have visible scars.

Ultra Thin Wall, Less Trauma, Excellent Results.


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For best results a consultation with a medical professional is required to determine the best MIRACU "My MIRACU Lift" Treatment™ plan. The MIRACU My "MIRACLE Lift"™ is recommended and designed for patients targeting all aspects of aging skin.

98.3% of patients reported that their overall face appeared to be more slim and contoured. Patients stated that results lasted 8+ months.

Age: 57 | Fitzpatrick 3


96.2% of patients stated their their eye area appeared to look more rejuvenated and awake, with dark circle, hollows, fine line and wrinkles noticeably reduced, and the eye area more lifted. Patient stated that results lasted anywhere between 8+ months.

Age: 57 | Fitzpatrick 3


93.2% of patients reported an immediate and noticeably reduction in the depth and appearance of their nasalabial folds. Patients stated that results lasted anywhere between 6 - 8 months.

Age: 53 | Fitzpatrick 3


92.8% of patients reported they noticed their neck and jowl area looked more youthful and lifted after the first treatment. Patients stated that results lasted anywhere between 8+ months. 

Age: 63 | Fitzpatrick 2


91.9% of patients stated they noticed that the depth of there glabellar lines were significantly reduced and softened, and their brow area appeared to be more lifted. Patients stated that results lasted anywhere between 6 - 8 months.

Age: 51 | Fitzpatrick 3 


97.5% of patients reported a significant improvement in the overall appearance of their knees. Patients stated that results lasted anywhere between 6 - 8 months.

Age: 45 | Fitzpatrick 2 

The PDO suture, or thread, is a synthetic and biodegradable monofilament suture which was developed in the 1970’s. Its surface has a coating smoother than that of catgut sutures. MIRACU PDO THREADS are available in Mono Basic, Screw Basic, Barb Uni, Barb Bi, and Barb 3D, Barb 4D, Forte Basic, Elasty Line and Elasty Meshfill. MIRACU PDO THREADS are able to be utilized in many parts of the face and body. The various thread lengths and configurations give practitioners a wide range of treatment options. MIRACU PDO Thread treatments are well tolerated by patients and typically require little to no down type. MIRACU PDO THREADS remain in the body up to 240 days. Thereafter, the PDO suture is then converted into water and carbon dioxide, and is fully absorbed without any residue, through a process known as hydrolysis, during which time the synthesis of new collagen production in the treatment begins, allowing skin to present fewer wrinkles, thus improving the skin’s overall texture and youthfulness. The resulting effects of MIRACU PDO THREADS, are typically seen up to 24 months.

MIRACU believes that SAFETY is # 1. Our US FDA Cleared Class II PDO Threads have an indication and delivery method designated for soft tissue approximation, where use of an absorbable suture is appropriate. The anatomical location(s) of use are on the skin for dermatological applications only.

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